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    as an engineer●, but he had also been a baker,■ a painter, a syndic of the inhabitants, c●hief gunner at the fort, and co

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    ●llector of customs for the company. Whether ■guilty of embezzlement or not, ●he was a zealous devotee, and w

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    ould probably hav■e died for his creed. Like Villeray, he● was one of Laval’s stanchest supporters, whi■le the r

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nt of the council, ●Bourdon, in his character of attorne●y-general, rose and demanded that the pape●rs of Jean Péronne Dumesnil should be seized a■nd sequestered. The council consented●, and, to Complete the scandal, Ville■ray wa

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    s commissioned to make the se■izure in the presence of Bourdon. T■o color the proceeding, it was a●lleged that Dumesnil had obtained cer●tain papers unlawfully from the gref■fe or record office. “As h

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    e was thought,” sa●ys Gaudais, “to be a violent man." Bourdon an■d Villeray took with them ten so■ldiers, well armed, together with a loc●ksmith and the secretary of the council. Thu■s prepared for every contin

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    gency, they se●t out on their errand, and appeared suddenly a●t Dumesnil's house between sev●en and eight o’clock in the evening. “The afo●resaid Sieur Dumesnil,” further ●says Gaudais, “did not re

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    fute the opini■on entertained of his violence; for he mad●e a great noise, shouted robbers! and trie●d to rouse the neighborhood, outrag■eously abusing the aforesaid Sieur de Vill●eray and the attorney-general, in

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